FROM: West Coast Of America

MASTERED: Fornite, CS:GO, Rocket League, Apex Legends

With dozens of players across nine different teams, NRG is setting a new standard in the world of eSports. The team is packed with world-class talent, with the passion and the ambition to dominate in their respective arenas.

Sneak is proud to be part of the #NRGfam, with the likes of Symfuhny, Dizzy, Tarik, Zayt, King Richard, MrSavage and Benjyfishy. Let’s do this.

Solary Solary


FROM: Tours, France

MASTERED: Fortnite, LoL

Meet Solary - our first team partnership.

When it came to signing a team, we wanted to take our time and find a team that was the perfect fit for Sneak. Solary have established themselves as a top League of Legends team, and gone on to become one of the most successful Fortnite teams in Europe. They also have no corporate backing, and are completely player-owned. They’re the embodiment of the everything we stand for.

We’re hyped to help Kinstaar, Jbzz, Hunter, Airwaks and the rest of the team continue their domination and hit new heights.


FROM: Oulu, Finland


Our Scandinavian streamer is a PUBG boss and the Captain of Method. AndyPyro led Team Finland to a victory in the Auzom Nations Cup 2018, and branches out into CS:GO and Call of Duty when he’s not beasting the PUBG scene.




Curtis has been dominating RuneScape for over 10 years and has been a full-time streamer since 2015 – ancient in Twitch terms! The majority of his streams involve high-level Ironman content, from bossing to PvM and skilling. Plus he’s one of the nicest guys on Twitch, with a seriously loyal following.




Our resident FIFA fanatic runs his own tournaments and regularly pits his skills against his followers. Think you could take him on?


FROM: Sweden

MASTERED: Fortnite, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike

Orb is a full-time Twitch streamer who’s been streaming for longer than he can remember. Growing up around Sweden’s competitive gaming circuit means he’s well-equipped to fight it out in today’s skirmishes and invitationals – but it wasn’t always easy. It took a year of posting videos each and every day before anyone took notice – but boy, did they take notice eventually! Now, Orb has switched his play style from purely competitive to engage more with his loyal audience of thousands.

The Poolshark

FROM: Colorado, US


The Poolshark is a gamer, father, husband and Army Infantry vet. Enough said. After touring Afghanistan, our veteran gamer partnered with Facebook Gaming and now streams everything from The Last Of Us and God of War, to Fortnite, Destiny and Battlefield.



MASTERED: Fortnite

BlooTea is ranked #3 in the world for Fortnite wins, with a colossal win-rate of 40.8%. On July 30th 2018 he overtook Ninja as the player with the most wins in the world, and he placed 9th in the Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series that same month. Legend.


FROM: New Zealand

MASTERED: Overwatch, Rocket League, Dark Souls, Fortnite, Far Cry 5

Rudeism lives and breathes games. He’s a game designer by day and a streamer by night. When he’s not designing and streaming games, he builds his own obscure controllers. He’s played Rocket League with a guitar, Overwatch with a Nerf gun, and Dark Souls with a frying pan. Beat that.

Blue and Queenie


MASTERED: Everything!

Say hello to our streaming couple, Blue and Queenie! The pair recently celebrated four years of streaming together, and they’re renowned for their variety streams, playing everything from PUBG and Sea of Thieves to Dead by Daylight and The Sims.



MASTERED: PUBG, Destiny 2, Sea of Thieves, No Man’s Sky, Dead By Daylight, Fortnite… everything?!

EdEMonster is a variety streamer with more than 6.5m Twitch views in total. Since he started streaming in 2011, he’s played 123 different titles and ploughed more than 8300 hour into his streams. We dig the commitment.


FROM: Bulgaria

MASTERED: Everything that can be played with a mouse and keyboard

Qforina is Sneak’s first Slavic ambassador. He successfully juggles between being a father, a husband and a hardcore gamer whilst living his dream of being a full-time streamer. His first stream was in 2016 and since then he’s played countless games in his variety stream, focusing on interaction and good vibes with his community. Very competitive in nature, since the first time Qfo touched a mouse and keyboard he tries to be the best in every game he enjoys playing.

Tazed and Confused

FROM: Canada

MASTERED: Sea of Thieves, PUBG

Canada’s Team Sneak representative, Tazed mostly plays Sea of Thieves, with a healthy dose of PUBG. Using his platform as a full-time streamer, Tazed also raises money for charity – so far he’s managed to pull together $1,700 for Prostate Cancer Research, and a further $700 Alzheimer’s Research. We love a charitable ambassador.


FROM: Greece


Representing Sneak in Europe, Axel mostly plays Fortnite and PUBG, but occasionally dabbles in FIFA, Call of Duty and God of War.


FROM: Sweden

MASTERED: Hearthstone, World of Warcraft

Another Scandi ambassador, NymN uses his Sneak to hone his focus when he’s playing Hearthstone and World of Warcraft. He also spends plenty of time engaging his audience, with frequent IRL streams helping him to rack up more than 1.7m total Twitch views.




One of our PUBG stars, KatContii has ploughed over 50 hours into the game on Twitch alone, racking up 1.2m views since she joined in 2013. She’s picked up more chicken dinners than we’ve had… well, IRL chicken dinners.


FROM: Ukraine

MASTERED: League Of Legends

Where do we start with Yuli? She’s a full-time streamer, content creator and League of Legends player. She’s refereed for the EULCS and now works as a ref for the LEC. She speaks four languages and is learning a fifth. There’s pretty much nothing she can’t do.


FROM: Singapore

MASTERED: Overwatch

Afiz mainly plays Overwatch, taking part in international LAN events as well as streaming to his loyal following on Twitch. When he’s not streaming, Afiz can often be found hosting esports and gaming-related events all over Asia.


FROM: Arizona, US


Davezortv has been apart of the CSGO scene since it started and has been playing on twitch for almost a year, getting over 110k views. He now streams for a living, showing off his amazing camera/scene affects with cutting edge gameplay!